HIStory:  A six week study of the Gospel of John


15/6 Model
Kingsway is practicing a 15/6 model for reading, understanding, obeying and sharing scripture when we hear it preached, or when we read it.

The 15/6 model guides us to take 15 minutes to read the story of God in scripture, and listen to what God’s Holy Spirit speaks to us from the reading.

Then we encourage you to ask 6 questions that help you understand the scripture and how it can impact your day’s agenda.

The 6 Questions:

How can you summarize the main ideas of what you just read?
What do you discover about God from that section of scripture?
What do you discover about humans/yourself from that scripture?
Based on the big idea of this passage, how will you obey what it says?
Who will you tell what this passage has taught you?
What does this passage suggest that you should pray about?
Join us for a six week study (Started March 9) on the Gospel of John. Download the You Version Bible App from your App Store or Google Play.
Using your Smart Phone:
1. On your phone, go to iTunes Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android phones).
2. Search for ‘YouVersion Bible App’
3. Identify the App as ‘Bible App Free’ and select ‘Install’
4. Once installed, select Reading Plan: “HIStory: A Six Week Study of the Gospel of John”
and Click on ‘Start Plan’
5. You will be asked if you want to read this with ‘Friends’ or ‘By Myself’.
We recommend reading with a ‘Friend’ because you can read what your sisters/brothers in Christ are saying, and  you can make comments if you like. (Great way to stay connected!)
Using your Computer:
1. Go to www.my.bible.com and create a login with your email and a password.
2. Next, search the reading plan: “HIStory:A Six Week Study of the Gospel of John”
3. Then Click on ‘Start Plan’. YOU WILL BE ASKED if you want to read this plan with a ‘Friend’ or ‘By Myself’.