Become a Member at Kingsway
We believe that God planted Kingsway Christian Church 33 years ago to announce the Hope of Jesus to the world, and to equip and send out hundreds of people who will share the hope of Jesus wherever they go.  We are committed to that mission.  Echoes of that mission can be heard in everything that we do inside and outside of our building.
So what does membership have to do with KCC’s mission?
At Kingsway membership is not some doorway into exclusive benefits and access.  There is no membership card needed to experience the Hope of Jesus.  You can have an active pathway into many ministries and opportunities at Kingsway without being a member. 
But membership is a decision of the heart for full engagement with the life, mission and vision of Kingsway.  If you you are finding Kingsway to be a place where you are meeting God and experiencing the hope that lifts your soul above the monotony of life, then you may want to officially make Kingsway Christian Church your church home.
What does it mean to become a member?
As a member of the Kingsway family, you are saying that you want to fully participate in and support our mission to share the hope of JESUS with the world, one person at a time.  Members are “all in” on that mission.  They enthusiastically:
 – Receive the ministry of Kingsway through weekend worship services
 – Participate in a Life Group
 – Share and Give generously of their time, resources and prayer
 – Volunteer in some area to help Kingsway live out its mission.
Become A Member
If you are interested in expressing  your desire to fully  participate in the life and mission of Kingsway Christian Church, you may complete the electronic Membership form and submit it.  One of the KCC leaders would love to connect with you to affirm your decision.