Safety and Security


Health & Safety Procedures


Your child’s safety is of the highest priority, right after knowing Jesus.

Below you will find a list of ways that we ensure your child is well looked after while in our care.
1. If you have a temp of 99.5 or above, you will not be allowed into the kids area and asked to wear a mask if you choose to go to worship.
2. Hand Sanitizer. We ask that each person use Hand Sanitizer before going into the kids area, including the nursery.
1. Individually wrapped snacks.
2. Social Distancing. We are no longer required to provide a six foot distance between each person, however, we will do our best to put space between each child. Chairs will be placed around the tables in advance and kids are asked to keep that chair the entire class. They can get up and move around, but we ask that they go back to that same chair when they return to the tables.
1. Risk Assessment. All parents will be told ahead of time that they assume the risk of dropping off their babies.
2. Hand Sanitizer. All volunteers will be required to sanitize their hands between babies. If you put a baby down and need to pick up another one, you will be required to sanitize your hands between pickups.
3. Changing Tables. We will provide throw away covers for the changing tables to use between changings.
4. No more pagers. We will be using texting abilities to notify parents if they are needed in the nursery.
5. Individually wrapped animal cookies for the kids. Each child will have their own pack of cookies.
Background and Reference Checks

-We check a national background data base, as well as state and national sex offender registries

-We require a minimum of 3 references

-No adults are allowed to be alone with any child, for any reason

-Bathrooms are cleared of anyone before entering.

Check-in and Check-out

-Adults (18+) are required to drop off and pick up their kids at the end of service -We require the matching parent tag upon pick up

Tornado and Fire Precautions

-For a tornado, kids will be taken to designated basement rooms

-For a fire, you will meet your child on the southeast side of the building

Health and Illness

​If any of the following are observed in the 48 hours prior to Sunday, we ask that Kingsway Kids volunteers and kids remain at home:

-Fever of 100 or higher
-Questionable Rash
-Discharge in or around eyes
-Green or yellow runny nose
-Excessive coughing
-Any communicable disease


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Children’s Ministry Director, Stacy Haynes at (402) 333-2231 or



Safety Team

Kingsway Christian Church takes safety seriously for all events that occur on our campus. Our goal is to create an environment that is safe and secure for all attendees. We want each person to be able to have the ability to worship with a peace of mind. 
We have both armed and unarmed undercover security for our campus. Each member of the safety team is responsible for responding to any needs that are either emergency and/or non-emergency at Kingsway. The team has completed a comprehensive background check and necessary medical (CPR) and firearms training (CCW).