Sermon Series
Begins January 3rd – 9 Weeks
Getting reacquainted with a God that loves you.  
Join us for the second half of Reboot in February as we reset – Our hearts, minds, lives…and rediscover a God that loves us, a God that sent his Son to die for us, and a God that longs for us to have a relationship with Him.  
The opportunity to get a fresh start is a hope giver to a weary or worn out relationship.  The book of beginnings, lets us Reboot our view of God’s plan for our home. The Creator who sustains and provides demonstrates a desire to invest in relationship with humans and the family that holds them together. God provides for us liberating insights on the blessing that can be found in family, as well as the reboot that is sometimes needed to restore the blessing. Is the blessing missing in your home? No matter where you and your family relationships are, you can reboot to His blessing.