The Beam Newsletter


The Beam Newsletter #12


How Can We Be Like Jesus?

· Embrace humility daily.

· Live fully surrendered to God.

May this be our greatest desire:

to be only a vessel for God’s glory & light!


“Reckon humility to be indeed the mother-virtue, your very first duty before God, the one perpetual safeguard of the soul, and set your heart upon it as the source of all blessing. See that you do the one thing God asks: humble yourself. He will give more grace. He will exalt you in due time.”

Andrew Murray


Our Culture’s Cry: “I’ll have it MY way!”

Can we fully follow Jesus while chasing after this world? Christ calls us to be ‘set apart’, to stand on the right side of the line & NOT straddle the line. We are to point others to the abundant life in Christ. “But the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” (John 10:10) He likes to take what God says is GOOD & twist it. If we take that bait and cross over to the other side of the line, we begin to praise the ‘created things’ over the Creator of all things. Even if we have chosen to be ‘all in’ with Jesus, we are still tempted to heed these worldly ways. Praise God that we have a pathway to escape the thief’s snares. For each of us, it begins by choosing humility. (1 Peter 5:6)

In Billy Graham’s words, “Humility causes us to look outward to others, and most of all, upward to God.” With the help of God’s Word and prayer, we can each wage war on our pride & bear fruit for God’s glory.

ALL the negatives in the above passage are symptoms of PRIDE.



It’s difficult to see our own pride. We are wise to examine ourselves prayerfully so we can wage war on our pride and become more like Jesus. This list of 50 Fruits of Pride is a great help:


Prayer of Humility & Praise:

Dear Father, I confess that I have allowed pride to creep into my heart in these ways: _____________________ . May the devil flee from me as I choose to humbly seek Your will over mine. When I fall short by hiding behind my own mask of pride, I run to You to repent of my sin. Change my heart, Oh God! Make me ever true to Your Word & Your ways. I praise You that You have already won the battle for me and that’s why you always “give me more grace”! Thank You, Jesus! Lead me safely along Your path and I will praise Your holy Name forever. Amen.

BUT He gives more grace!”

What is your Grace Story?



Thank You, Stephanie Braun, for shining the Light of Jesus by sharing your testimony here:

“I grew up in a faithful household, going to Catholic school, Jesuit high school and Jesuit college. However, it wasn’t until after I “lost my faith” that I really felt connected to the Lord. After college, I stopped going to church, reading the Bible and having conversations with God. People around me told me I lost my faith. I ignored those who tried to pull me back into a relationship with Jesus. It wasn’t until someone I knew had a crisis of faith that I believed I had not in fact lost my faith in God.

In that moment of helping someone else stay connected with God, I felt called back to Jesus. I immediately started searching for churches and found Kingsway. After watching an online service, I reached out to get connected. One of the first Sundays my family attended Kingsway, someone told their story of faith. I wondered if I would ever be confident enough to tell mine, and here I am doing just that.

As I look back on the years I stepped away from the Lord, I realize how dark they were. Finding God again truly transformed my life. I feel called to help others find love and life in Jesus, and I hope to do just that.”


“This is My Testimony”

by Elevation Worship

Lyrics: “Cause grace rewrote my story, I’ll testify!”