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2024 Sermon Series

WITH:  A Relationship from Heaven

Objectives: From this study of the record of Jesus’ life, from Matthew’s perspective, we will:

1. Worship God for His persistent effort to build a transforming connection with us.

2. Repent of inferior substitutes for a transforming connection with God through Jesus.

3. Define the discipleship relationship and priorities.

4. Confirm the habits and language of the disciple’s life into the spheres of daily life.

5. Put into practice relational discipleship with two intentional relationships.

6. Surrender daily to the disciple life-rhythm in heart, mind, word and action.

7. Celebrate the presence of Jesus in growing community on weekly LIFE Groups and worship.
Kingsway Kids
Sunday Mornings
At Kingsway, WE LOVE KIDS.  We teach the LOVE that JESUS has for them and sharing the HOPE of JESUS by learning Biblical truths, and building relationships through Small Groups.
We use Answers in Genesis curriculum and point parents to AIG for supplemental information.  Click on the links below to see more about Kingsway Kids and AIG.
Kingsway Students
Wednesday Nights
Meal Provided
Junior High Class
2nd & 4th Sunday 10am
Kingsway’s Student Ministry is dedicated to leading students to be connected and committed to Christ.
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