Kingsway Christian Church
Love deeply.  Welcome gladly.  Serve faithfully.
So that in all things, God may be praised.
1 Peter 4:8-11 
Welcome to Kingsway Christian Church.
Worship in person, or online from home.
Worship at 10AM
Kingsway Kids is now OPEN!!
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***Sunday, October 18th, Kingsway WILL NOT MEET in the church building.  We will meet at Camp of the Good Shepherd for an OUTDOOR service.  Please note this change in your calendars and plan to meet us at camp that day.


Sharing the Hope of JESUS with the World,

One Person at at Time

**Sunday Morning Worship at 10AM**
1106 South 139th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
Stay Connected
Life groups are allowed to meet again! 
We realize that some people may not feel comfortable meeting in homes,
so we want you to be able to meet each other ONLINE! 
Our Life Group leaders are trained to lead online through Zoom and other platforms. 
Stay connected in home, or online, with your group during this time of social distancing.
There are ways that your groups can get involved in our local outreach
during the Covid-19 restrictions. 
Click on the link below for more information.

Outreach Opportunities


Share Hope This Fall
Join KCC as We Love and Serve Omaha
September 26th.
Share Hope This Fall
Join KCC as We Love and Serve Omaha
September 26th.
Develop Relationships, Study the Word, Fellowship with Others

Look  HERE  to find a group!

Stay Connected Online
Live Stream at 10AM on Sunday Mornings
Current Sermon Series
What do people say about the Church?
What do your friends and those in our community think of the church?  How are we doing fulfilling the mission that Jesus set out for us?  How can we break down the stereotypes?
Social Distancing Guidelines
Kingsway is doing what we can to make sure that Sunday morning is
safe for everyone that walks through our doors.  
-Everyone ages 5 years and over are required to wear a mask upon entering and leaving, and anytime a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained.
-Greeters are at each door to open the door for you.  No handshakes at this time, but we do encourage elbow bumps!
-There are several hand sanitizer stations throughout the building for your convenience.
-Every other pew is roped off in order to maintain a 6 foot distance.
-Families are encouraged to sit together and remain 6 feet from others in the same pew.
-Kingsway Kids has resumed meeting.  For more information regarding the kids area, visit the KIDS link above.
-All Kingsway Kids lessons are online at the Kingsway Kids Facebook page, and are emailed to parents each Sunday.
-Communion is double stacked in the trays, and available for pick up on the way into the Worship Center.
-Tithes and Offerings will be collected in a box by each Worship Center entrance.
-Our Sunday morning services will remain online at, the Kingsway Facebook Page and YouTube.
Sunday Morning Services begin at 10AM
Kingsway Kids is Now Open!
Christian Church
1106 S 139th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
Services begin at 10AM
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Kingsway Christian Church
1106 S 139th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
TEL: 402.333.2231 
For More Info on Children’s or Student Ministry:
Stacy Haynes- Children’s
Student Ministry