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Welcome to Kingsway Christian Church.
Worship on campus, or from home.
We are meeting again in the church building! 
We want everyone to feel safe, so we have set social distancing standards,
and we will remain online Sunday morning.
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Sharing the Hope of JESUS with the World,


One Person at at Time

1106 South 139th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
Stay Connected
Life groups are allowed to meet again! 
Many have decided to meet in their homes or the church building again. 
Some have decided to remain online,
or forego meeting until things settle down. 
We realize that some people may not feel comfortable meeting in homes,
so we want you to be able to meet each other ONLINE! 
Our Life Group leaders are trained to lead online through Zoom and other platforms. 
Stay connected in home, or online, with your group during this time of social distancing.
Develop Relationships, Study the Word, Fellowship with Others

Look  HERE  to find a group!

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Current Sermon Series


Sometimes all you can see is a mess. It’s not that there isn’t clarity and calm someplace, it’s just that you can’t see it from where you are. Loneliness, lies, fear, trouble, sickness, betrayal, anxiety, hurt, false promises, and confusion have blocked your view of a path to hope, and the easiest thing to do right now is just give in. Sometimes that’s how your faith can feel. Join us for a study of how to hold strong to something greater, when everything else is a mess. Rediscover the power of faith.

Started April 26th—10 Week Series

Stay Connected At Home
Kingsway is doing what we can to help our community.  We have provided a meal for the Children’s Home Health staff off of 84th and Center.  A team delivered cookies and cards to the staff at Boys Town Children’s Hospital.  We have been able to provide face masks for the staff and residents at Brookestone Village.  And all of this is because of the generosity and resources provided from our Kingsway family. 
If you would like to help make more masks, or, if you have an idea for an outreach opportunity within our community, click the link below for more information. 
Thank you to everyone who has helped in some way.

Outreach Opportunities From Home

Christian Church
1106 S 139th Street
Omaha, NE 68144
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Kingsway Christian Church
1106 S 139th Street
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